2022 Williams Education Fund Membership Guide


Dear Jayhawk, As I approach the end of my first year as Director of Athletics at my alma mater, I ammore encouraged than ever before about the future of our University and athletic programs. The landscape of college athletics is ever-changing but one thing remains constant – the unwavering support of our Williams Education Fund members continues to propel our success. It is critical that the University of Kansas strengthens its position as one of the elite programs in the country, and we cannot accomplish this without your incredible commitment. This past fall, we were able to welcome you back to our venues to cheer on our amazing student-athletes. There’s nothing better than an energetic David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium in the fall, the homecourt advantage at Horejsi Family Volleyball Arena, or the roar of the crowd at Allen Fieldhouse. Undoubtedly, the best days of all of our athletics programs are ahead of us due to your support. Your generosity truly is the backbone of our student-athletes’ experience. My sincerest thanks for staying by our side throughout the pandemic and as we enter into a new chapter. The year 2022 promises to be full of growth and successes both on and off the playing field, and we are more grateful than ever for your support. Rock Chalk! Travis Goff Director of Athletics A NOTE FROM TRAVIS GOFF KU was the only school who took a chance on me and gave me an opportunity to play college football at the Division I level. Being a Jayhawk means perseverance through the hardest times and I think it means taking chances. I wouldn’t be here if KU hadn’t taken a chance on me. My athletic scholarship means a lot to me. As a walk-on, it’s hard to pay for school yourself. I was taking out student loans and that puts you in a financial bind. Earning a scholarship has meant the world to me. Getting an education at such a world-renowned institution has opened up so many opportunities and put me on such a good track for the rest of my life. It’s not something I’ll ever take for granted because I spent so much time paying for it. Having my loans paid back is amazing, and I want to thank each and every Williams Education Fund member for their support. Sam Burt #93 Senior | Football Abilene, Kansas student-athlete corner

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE NEW FOR 2022 Select-A-Seat Updates Members who maintain or increase their 2021 Williams Education Fund membership level may keep their seats for the 2022 football season and 2022-2023 men’s basketball season. Ticket applications and 2022 Williams Education Fund pledges must be submitted by Friday, April 22, 2022, in order to be eligible for participation. Football and men’s basketball Select-A-Seat will take place online simultaneously starting Monday, May 16, 2022. Football Re-Tiering Kansas Athletics is excited to announce redesigned tiers and an updated pricing structure at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium for the 2022 football season. The six pricing tiers allows you the opportunity to select a ticket package that best suits your preferred seating location while creating more price points for financial flexibility. Please turn to page 6 for more KU Football information. Receiving Season Tickets Beginning with the 2022 Fund Drive, football season ticket purchasers must pay a minimum of 25 percent of their annual pledge to secure their football season tickets. In order to receive men’s basketball season tickets, members must pay a minimum of 50 percent of their pledge. Hall of Fame level members are exempt from this policy. Please reference page 6 for more information. Double Points As instituted for the 2021 Fund Drive, the amount above the minimum for your membership level receives double points. Any new donor receives double points on their entire giving amount, and current donors receive double points on any increased amount, which are both the same as in past years. 110% Campaign Kansas student-athletes give 110 percent each day. The Williams Education Fund is asking you to consider increasing your annual fund gift by 10 percent for double points to further support the needs of our student-athletes. Membership Auto Renewal Williams Education Fund members have the option of auto renewing their 2022 membership for future fund drives to save time and the hassle of filling out membership applications. Check out the Payment Options & Incentives on the reverse side of the membership application for more information. Next Level Campaign When Jayhawk student-athletes commit to KU, they are taking their athletic experience to the next level. Take your giving to the “Next Level” by increasing your annual contribution for double points and moving up to the next level of membership in the Williams Education Fund. WILLIAMS EDUCATION FUNDWEBSITE REMINDERS FOR 2022 1

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER More than tickets and benefits, a membership in the Williams Education Fund is an investment into the Jayhawk Journey of over 500 Kansas student-athletes from all over the world. This year alone, a single student-athlete may receive up to $78,366 in academic and athletic support. Your membership makes the difference. BY THE NUMBERS 90 189 Number of Majors NUMBER OF NATIVE KANSANS120519 Number of Student-Athletes NUMBER OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES OUR STUDENT-ATHLETES REPRESENT: 28 * Includes Washington, D.C. Number of States our Student-Athletes Represent: 33* KU Student-Athlete Graduation Rate NEW RECORD! % 2

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE A membership in the Williams Education Fund ensures our Jayhawk student-athletes have the opportunity to perform at the highest levels athletically, academically and in the community. Gifts are 100 percent tax deductible if you waive all points and benefits. All gifts, regardless of size, make a difference! AREAS OF SUPPORT UNRESTRICTED (Preferred method) Gifts to Williams Education Fund Unrestricted allow Kansas Athletics the latitude to invest in the areas of greatest need to provide our nearly 500 studentathletes with the resources necessary to be champions. SCHOLARSHIPS This year, Kansas Athletics will award over $15.5 million in scholarships. Gifts in support of Williams Education Fund Scholarships allow our talented student-athletes to receive a first-class education at the University of Kansas. INCREASED SCHOLARSHIP GIVING In addition to new or increased unrestricted or scholarship gifts, any amount above the minimum for membership level will be allocated in support for student-athlete scholarships and receive double points. HOW TO JOIN PAYMENT OPTIONS: Once a pledge is recorded, the donor becomes an active member eligible to receive benefits, including priority points. CHECK OR MONEY ORDER Please make all checks or money orders payable to the Williams Education Fund. CREDIT CARDS The Williams Education Fund accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Credit card payments are accepted over the phone or online at WilliamsFund.com. GIFT OF APPRECIATED PROPERTY Williams Education Fund members have the ability to make a gift through the transfer of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real property. GIFTS IN KIND Gifts of goods or services can be of great financial assistance to the Williams Education Fund and Kansas Athletics while offering the donor a tax-deduction for the value of the gift (if points and benefits are waived). 3

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 2022 MEMBER BENEFITS Membership Level RISING JAYHAWKS OUTLAND CRIMSON & BLUE JAYHAWK ROCK CHALK MVP LEGEND ALL-AMERICAN OLYMPIAN CHAMPION HALL OF FAME (STUDENTS) $25 $100 $300 TEAM 10 TUTORING STRENGTH & EQUIPMENT SESSIONS CONDITIONING $500 DEVELOPMENT $1,000 $2,500 ANNUAL ANNUAL HEALTH TEXTBOOK & WELLNESS EXPENSES EXPENSES $5,000 SEMESTER OF ROOM & BOARD $10,000 $18,000 ANNUAL IN-STATE TUITION Examples of Your Impact One-time immediate family account transfer TEAM TRAVEL OUT-OF-STATE TUITION $25,000 $50,000 ANNUAL ANNUAL COST OF ATTENDANCE Recognition in Williams Education Fund Listings Membership Thank You Packet Junior Jayhawk Membership Discount Hospitality & Events Jayhawk Appreciation Dinner Invite & Gift Men's Basketball Private Practice Invite Late Night in the Phog Reserved Tickets & Reception Men'sBasketball HospitalityPriority Football Private Practice Invite Men's Basketball Banquet Invite Baseball MVP Club Membership Offer Football Spring Game Tailgate Tailgate Invite 20% off Jayhawk Experiences** Tickets & Parking Men's Basketball NCAA 1st/2nd Round Ticket Request 2 Men's Basketball NCAA Regional Ticket Request 2 2 4 4 Men's Basketball Final Four Ticket Request 4 4 4 4 6 8 Men's Basketball Big 12 Tournament Ticket Request 2 2 2 4 4 6 6 Advanced Single-Game Ticket Sales Season Parking Pass in Primary Lot 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 Premium Seating Priority 10th 10th 9th 8th 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st Postseason Ticket Request Priority 10th 10th 9th 8th th 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st Annual Benefits 7th th LEADERSHIP Williams Education Fund Miscellaneous Special Event Invitations *Benefits subject to change ** 20% off Jayhawk Experience rentals and priority in booking limited availability experiences. Visit jayhawkexperience.com for more information. 4

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE The Williams Education Fund understands the importance of priority points to our members; it is what separates donors within their membership level for benefits. Due to the positive response to this incentive, we are continuing the Bonus Priority Point Incentive through the 2022 Fund Drive. By paying the 2022 annual pledge in full by October 1, 2022 OR setting up a monthly payment plan (by 10/1/22) to pay your pledge in full by 2/28/2023, you will receive the bonus points assigned with your 2022 membership level. Onetime incentive points for auto renewing your pledge for future fund drives will follow the same priority point structure. BONUS PRIORITY POINT INCENTIVE PRIORITY POINTS The priority point system is an equitable way to determine priority for season-ticket seating, postseason, parking and other benefits. Members receive priority points for various areas of support. Annual Support Kansas Athletics Current Pledge 1 PT/$100 Increased Giving Incentive 2 PTS/$100 New or increased gift + amount above membership level minimum, allocated to scholarships Kansas Athletics Donations Since 1978 1 PT/$100 Limestone Society-Capital Projects 2 PTS/$100 Season Ticket Support Football Season Ticket Purchases 1 PT/Ticket Football Season Ticket Bonus Points (tiers 1-4) 5 PTS/Ticket, maximum 20 PTS/ Season Olympic Sport Reserved Season Tickets 2 PTS/Sport per year, minimum 2 Tickets/ Sport Athletics Loyalty WEF Years of Donating 2 PTS/Year Tradition Appreciation 25 PTS/5 years of WEF membership Football Loyalty Purchase 5 PTS/Consecutive years of football season ticket purchases since 2004. (Must have purchased at least one season ticket in 2018.) University Association Chancellor’s Club* 10 PTS/Initial Year, 1 pt each year after Alumni Association* 10 PTS/Initial Year, 1 pt each year after KU Employment/Spouse KU Employment 1 PT/YR Attend KU/Spouse Attend KU 10 PTS *Must be a Williams Education Fund member in each respective year, starting in 2004-05, to earn priority points for category. **Kansas Athletics reserves the right to modify and revise ticket priority policies annually with approval from the Chancellor. MEMBERSHIP LEVEL BONUS POINTS EQUAL TO DONATION OF Hall of Fame ($50,000) 250 $25,000 Champion ($25,000) 125 $12,500 Olympian ($18,000) 100 $10,000 All-American ($10,000) 50 $5,000 Legend ($5,000) 25 $2,500 MVP (2,500) 20 $2,000 Rock Chalk ($1,000) 15 $1,500 Jayhawk ($500) 10 $1,000 Crimson & Blue ($300) 5 $500 Outland ($100) 5 $500 BONUS PRIORITY POINT BREAKDOWN 5

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE FOOTBALL AND MEN’S BASKETBALL Thank you to all of our season ticket purchasers whose financial support makes a difference in our student-athletes’ experiences at KU. For the 2022 football season and the 2022-2023 men’s basketball season, ticket applications and 2022 Williams Education Fund pledges must be submitted by Friday, April 22, 2022. Select-A-Seat for both sports begins Monday, May 16, 2022. Members who maintain or increase their 2021 membership level may keep their seats for the 2022 season. For members who decrease their level or wish to participate in Select-A-Seat, we will determine and communicate an appointment time. If you qualify to keep your same seats as last year, your parking will remain the same as last year for football and men’s basketball. Active members of the Williams Fund who purchase football and/or men’s basketball season tickets are given first priority to select their seats in David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium and Allen Fieldhouse. The football Select-ASeat process will take place simultaneously with men’s basketball Select-ASeat again using Ballena, the online seat selection platform. You will be able to select and purchase your seats online in both venues using a computer or a mobile device, wherever internet is available. This will allow you to view, verify, and select your season ticket location as well as your priority parking location(s) for the upcoming year based on your Williams Education Fund membership level and points within each level. All other parking passes will be allocated at the conclusion of Select-A-Seat. To provide flexibility to our football season ticket holders, we have announced new football pricing tiers for the 2022 football season. Requesting a tier in football or men’s basketball does not guarantee tickets within that tier and orders are subject to availability. Actual tier will be determined through Select-A-Seat. All ticket holders will owe only the amount of their final seat location. Should the final seat location not match the original request, an upcharge or refund for the difference in price will be made. For general ticket information, please contact the Ticket Office at 785-864-3141. FOOTBALL SEATING & PARKING MAP MEN’S BASKETBALL SEATING & PARKING MAP NEW FOR THE 2022 FUND DRIVE TO RECEIVE YOUR SEASON TICKETS: • Football season ticket purchasers must pay a minimum 25% of their pledge (or set up a payment plan) prior to the season • Men’s basketball season ticket purchasers must pay a minimum of 50% of their pledge (or set up a payment plan) prior to the season • Hall of Fame members are exempt from this policy 6

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE OLYMPIC SPORTS NAME, IMAGE & LIKENESS INFORMATION Soccer, Baseball & Softball General admission season tickets are available for soccer, baseball and softball. Reserved season tickets are available for baseball only. Volleyball Reserved bench, general admission bench, chairbacks and courtside tickets are available for volleyball games inside the Horejsi Family Volleyball Arena. Women’s Basketball Courtside, reserved, senior citizen reserved, and general admission season tickets are available for women’s basketball games in Allen Fieldhouse. GENERAL ADMISSION AND RESERVED SEATING Please contact the Williams Education Fund at 855.GIVE.WEF for courtside seat information. COMPLIANCE Kansas Athletics is proud to have your loyal support and dedication for the Jayhawks. As we strive for continued excellence, we always seek the highest standard of ethical conduct. You may not be aware, but all Williams Education Fund members and season ticket holders are considered a representative of athletics interests (boosters). As a booster at KU, NCAA rules place you under the responsibility of Kansas Athletics. Please visit our website to learn more about NCAA rules and how they affect the Kansas Athletics mission. NAME, IMAGE AND LIKENESS As of July 1, 2021, Kansas Athletics boosters are permitted to enter into an agreement with current KU student-athletes for marketing and promotional activities in exchange for the use of their name, image and likeness. For more information on this topic, please contact us at NILInquiries@ku.edu or scan the QR code. If you have any questions or become aware of any potential violations, please contact the Kansas Athletics Compliance Office at: Kansas Athletics Compliance Allen Fieldhouse 1651 Naismith Drive Lawrence, KS 66045 785-864-4200 Compliance@ku.edu 7

2022 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 2021 DONOR IMPACT STUDENT & RECENT GRAD MEMBERSHIPS TOTAL ANNUAL FUND DOLLARS DONATED: $19 MILLION TOTALWILLIAMS FUND MEMBERS IN 2021: 4,238 WILLIAMS FUND 500 CAMPAIGN: In an attempt to grow our membership, the Williams Fund created the 500 Campaign to welcome 500 more members for our 500 Kansas student-athletes. This initiative brought in 505 more members and $1,691,767.27 in additional donations. Thank YOU for making the difference! Rising Jayhawks A must-have for Kansas Jayhawk fans, the Williams Education Fund offers a membership program exclusively for degree seeking KU students. This is a terrific way for students to learn the value of giving and supporting others to a cause much bigger than themselves. An annual contribution of just $25 grants your student access to benefits such as special event invitations, reserved seating at select athletic events and other exclusive membership items. We add a $75 credit to make you a Williams Fund member at the Outland level, which entitles you to associated benefits. Additionally, members earn priority points toward future season ticket purchases, and when combined with the All-Sports Ticket Combo, are valued at $1,500/year. Young Alumni Memberships Young alums may join the Williams Education Fund starting at only $50. We add a $50 credit to make you a Williams Fund member at the Outland level, which entitles you to associated benefits. This membership level is offered up to four years after completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree. An account is only eligible for a total of four years of membership and this option may not exceed the four-year maximum. *For a complete list of donors, visit our website at www.WilliamsFund.com. 110% & NEXT LEVEL CAMPAIGN RESULTS: • 676 members gave 10%more than their 2020 pledge • 198 members jumped to the Next Level • $2,119,044.78 donated in support of Kansas student-athletes 8

K CLUB PRESERVE. SUPPORT. CONNECT. K Club is the Jayhawk family of former student-athletes, managers, athletic trainers and coaches. We strive to keep our members connected and enhance their relationship with the University of Kansas through every phase of their life. We work together to preserve the history of Kansas Athletics while supporting our current student-athletes. Eligibility The following alumni groups are eligible members of K Club; no dues are required. • F ormer Student-Athlete Letter Winners • Head Coaches • Team Managers • Athletic Trainers K Club Lifetime Membership Benefits • One complimentary ticket to the homecoming football game • I nvitation to K Club Weekend • I nvitation to sport-specific reunions and other K Club special events • A ccess to K Club Network | a dedicated online engagement platform for K Club members only. Sign up at KansasKClub.com. SUPPORT K Club strongly encourages our members to support our current student-athletes through a donation to the Williams Education Fund. Donations made to the Williams Fund provide Jayhawk student-athletes with resources for academic support, leadership and career development, mental health and wellness and much more. Scan the QR code below for more information and to become a member. Andrea Geubelle Norris DIRECTOR OF K CLUB | KU TRACK AND FIELD ’09-‘13 | NORRISANDREA@KU.EDU GIVE TO THE WILLIAMS FUND