2024-25 WCC Membership Guide


2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 1 Dear Wildcats, As Arizona Athletics continues its legacy as one of the most elite athletic departments in the nation, we remain true to our mission each and every day. Our strategic focus is to live the “Wildcat Way” by developing student-athletes into academic, athletic and life champions. This is who we are at our core and what we do in our everyday lives. Our department continues to win conference and national championships while producing Olympians, All-Americans and decorated student-athletes. Our academic success has continued to rewrite the record books as we boast Academic All-Americans, Conference Scholar Athletes and NCAA Woman of the Year candidates. These hallmarks of excellence that Arizona Athletics has become known for are not possible without the unwavering commitment to our student-athletes from all our supporters, alumni, fans and community members. Your incredible generosity fuels our competitive and academic successes while bolstering the experience of 500 student-athletes. We cannot thank you all enough for the impact you have made in the lives of generations of Arizona Wildcats who have proudly represented the Block A and gone on to amazing professional careers after leaving campus. As the college athletics landscape continues to change and evolve, your support allows our athletics department to enhance services to our student-athletes. You continue to Bear Down and propel all our championship excellence in competition, the classroom and in our community. Thank you again for driving our success as an athletics department as well as making an impact in the lives of our student-athletes. You play a pivotal role in our championship legacy. Bear Down and Go Cats, Launch of fall sports season ticket renewals: Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer Volleyball seat upgrades AUG Softball and Baseball seat upgrades December 31st Year-end Gift deadline DEC Deadline to Renew Softball, Baseball and Gymnastics season tickets NOV Women’s Basketball seat upgrades and parking allocations JUL Men’s Basketball seat upgrades and parking allocations June 30th – Deadline for determining the upcoming year’s benefit level JUN FEB Launch of spring season ticket renewals: Softball, Baseball and Gymnastics OCT May 1st – Deadline to renew Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer season tickets May 1st – Deadline to submit seat change requests for premium Football seating; Men’s Basketball for A, B and Scholarship Row; Women’s Basketball Scholarship Row Football seat upgrades and parking allocations MAY TIMELINE Table Of Contents OTHER SEASON TICKETS PARKING MEN’S BASKETBALL SEASON TICKETS PRIORITY POINT SYSTEM | MEET THE TEAM WOMEN’S BASKETBALL SEASON TICKETS WELCOME WHY GIVE THE STUDENT-ATHLETE EXPERIENCE COST THE WILDCAT CLUB FOOTBALL SEASON TICKETS ANNUAL BENEFITS CHART FUNDRAISING PRIORITIES NAME | IMAGE | LIKENESS 1 2 3 4 8 5 10 6 12 13 14 16 7

$34,175 Athletic Student Aid & Fees $99,873 $21,929 Transportation Average Annual Investment $9,824 Equipment $8,337 Meals $18,079 C.A.T.S. Support Services $7,527 Room/Board/Books/Other + + + + + + Every year, student-athlete development remains Arizona Athletics’ top priority as we cultivate leaders that thrive well beyond sports. Costs such as studentrelated resources, academic support and other sports performance measures are just a few of the necessary expenses in this annual average investment. When you give to Arizona Athletics, your contributions directly impact the experience of our 500 student-athletes. Every donation, every season ticket and every facility project investment elevates their academic and athletic success. Here’s what our students had to say about their athletics experience thanks to the generosity of Wildcat Club members. THE STUDENT-ATHLETE EXPERIENCE COST WHY GIVE 2023-2024 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 5 2 ARIZONA ATHLETICS JAMES ONANUBOSI ARIZONA MEN'S TRACK & FIELD EMILY MUELLER ARIZONA GYMNASTICS CAROLINA MELGRATI ARIZONA WOMEN’S GOLF PAIGE DIMLER ARIZONA SOFTBALL KJ LEWIS ARIZONA MEN’S BASKETBALL “My scholarship has played a significant role in my ability to compete, and for that I am so grateful. Every day I get the opportunity to work on my craft, and represent our team. Thank you Wildcat Club members!” “I am very thankful to be able to travel and compete in the sport I love. I would not have the opportunity if it weren’t for our donors.” “On behalf of the entire Arizona Women’s Golf Team, I would like to thank all of the Wildcat Club members who helped make our new facility possible." “The Wildcat Club donors play a huge role in my experience here as a student-athlete and I am so grateful for the support they provide to not only myself, but to all student-athletes. Their continued support gives me the opportunity to live out my dream of representing the Block A!" “I never thought I would get the chance to go across the country, especially to play ball. Going to Israel and Abu Dhabi was one of the coolest experiences of my life and it wouldn’t have been possible without our donors.” 3.3 188 3,081 Cumulative GPA Honor Roll Recipients Community Service Hours STUDENT-ATHLETE EXCELLENCE — FALL 2023

Lorem ipsum               € ‚ ƒ „      ƒ „  2024-2025 ANNUAL BENEFITS All season tickets and philanthropic gifts made through the Wildcat Club, on behalf of Arizona Athletics, will continue to count toward your Wildcat Club Annual Benefit Levels for the 2024-2025 season. Any contribution totaling $100 will qualify you as a Wildcat Club member. Please consult your tax advisor if you have questions about your contributions to Arizona Athletics. All benefits may be declined with a written request at the time the gift is made. All benefits and giving levels are subject to change on an annual basis. All season ticket purchases and gifts must be received by May 1, 2024 to qualify for 2024-2025 benefits. For more information, please contact a member of the Wildcat Club Staˆ at (520) 621-CLUB (2582). † ‡     ‚       ˆ  ‚ BENEFIT LEVEL ADJUSTMENTS As Arizona Athletics enters its inaugural season in the Big 12 Conference, the Wildcat Club recognizes the elevated responsibility and importance of providing nation-leading resources for Arizona student-athletes. To sustain a culture of competitive excellence, the Wildcat Club will be adjusting benefit levels for the 2024-25 season. The following adjustments will be made to the Wildcat Club benefits chart: • Coaches level is increasing to $1,500 • Directors level is increasing to $3,000 • Button Salmon level is increasing to $6,000 With the addition of Ruby & Sapphire level benefits (see bottom right), and in a continuous effort to focus on departmental priorities, certain Wildcat Club benefits and donor travel will be realigned within each specific level. For Football and Men’s Basketball trips, at least 50% of your benefit level contributions must come from gifts rather than season tickets. The following required giving level and minimum annual philanthropic gift amount will qualify you to attend the associated trip as described below: • Football Donor Trip • To qualify for the Football trip, all donors at the Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum and Golden levels must make a gift of $6,250 or more. • Men’s Basketball Donor Trip • To qualify for the Men’s Basketball trip, all donors at the Ruby & Sapphire and Diamond levels must make a gift of $25,000 or more. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to your assigned development officer. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at wildcatclub@arizona.edu or visit our website at wildcatclub.org. For further information, check out wildcatclub.org How To Get Involved • Season Tickets • Wildcat Scholarship Fund • Cedric Dempsey C.A.T.S Program • Capital Campaigns • Individual Sport Scholarships • Individual Sport Operations • 5980 Academic Fund • Recent Grad Program Starting with the 2024-25 year, to qualify for the Football trip, all donors at the Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum and Golden levels must make a gift of $6,250 or more. To qualify for the Men’s Basketball trip, all donors at the Ruby & Sapphire and Diamond levels must make a gift of $25,000 or more. FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL TRIPS In an effort to elevate the Arizona Athletics donor experience, the Wildcat Club introduces “Ruby & Sapphire”. As the highest level at $100,000 and above, members will receive exclusive access to benefits such as a dinner with Arizona coaches and Athletic Director. RUBY & SAPPHIRE LEVEL BENEFITS 4 ARIZONA ATHLETICS THE WILDCAT CLUB & 2024-25 BENEFITS CHART

NAME | IMAGE | LIKENESS WILLIAM "BILL" M. CLEMENTS GOLF CENTER • Men’s & Women’s Golf clubhouse, locker rooms, and lounges • Short game area with laser-guided putting green • Driving range and radar technology hitting bays • Physio room for flexibility and core function training Providing the most premier, cutting-edge and innovative training facilities for our student- athletes is of the highest priority. When we build competitive spaces, we develop the greatest athletic champions and are able to attract players, coaches and teams to Arizona. When Wildcat Club members contribute to our projects, we are able to provide spaces like the following: FACILITY INVESTMENTS FUNDRAISING PRIORITIES FRIENDS OF WILBUR & WILMA A fan-driven and alumni-led Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) program for all University of Arizona student-athletes. When you commit to Friends of Wilbur & Wilma, you’re committing to maximizing opportunities for studentathletes to build their brand and earn compensation. ARIZONA ASSIST An exclusive member-driven organization that provides one-of-a-kind benefits to Wildcat fans and connects them to the program and Men's Basketball players like never before through exclusive fan experiences, merchandise and community impact. DESERT TAKEOVER Arizona’s newest collective group providing nation-leading competitive resources for Arizona Football. Through exclusive events, autograph sessions and signature merchandise benefits, fans and alumni are able to enjoy a more personalized experience, while also elevating the brand name of our individual football athletes. ARIZONA EDGE MARKETPLACE A student-athlete NIL business registry custom-designed for businesses, donors, alumni, and any other interested NIL parties wishing to connect with the University of Arizona. 2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 7 6 ARIZONA ATHLETICS For further information, check out wildcatclub.org Thanks to our donors, every eligible student-athlete at the University of Arizona qualifies to receive an additional $5,980 in academic aid above and beyond the full “cost of attendance”. Since the fall of 2022, the “5980 Academic Fund” has enabled Arizona Athletics to attract nationally recognized talent, differentiating the university from other competitive institutions. Eligibility is based on good academic standing, meeting all NCAA guidelines and demonstrating a dedication to Arizona Athletics and its core-values. 5980 ACADEMIC FUND $5,000,000 is the estimated amount needed each year to supplement the additional costs associated with each of our 22 Arizona Athletics sports. These include costs such as room, board, books, fees and meals that are not covered by the State of Arizona. Any amount contributed to our Wildcat Club Scholarship Fund, or any sport-specific scholarship fund, works as the basis for providing a quality education to our Wildcat student-athletes. SCHOLARSHIPS

VISITOR UA BAND PREMIUM SPACES AND SEATING Arizona Stadium continues to provide fans with a wide array of amenities designed to enhance the game-day experience. All of our following 4 premium spaces offer access to climate-controlled or covered areas with exclusive hospitality, food and beverage services. Consider learning about how you can improve your Arizona football experience by contacting one of our representatives at wildcatclub.org or by calling (520) 621-CLUB (2582). PRICE LEVEL (SECTIONS) FULL PRICE End Skybox $47,160 Interior Skybox $41,400 Skybox Club $3,775 Loge (112-114) $3,130 Loge (111 & 115) $2,640 Loge (110 & 116) $2,290 Sands Club Box $4,280 Sands Premium Club $3,320 Sands Club Seat $3,030 Eastside A (104-106) $1,400 Eastside BP (104-106) $920 Eastside B (104 & 106) $855 Eastside C (103 & 107) $605 Eastside D (102 & 108) $475 Eastside E (101 & 109) $345 Westside B (21) $795 Westside C (20 & 22) $510 Westside D (19 & 23) $390 Westside E (18 & 24) $300 Westside EC (25) $140 Obstructed (18-24) $285 North End Zone (26-36) $430 South End Zone G (11-13) $250 South End Zone EC (10-16) $140 Eastside Upper E (204-206) $300 Eastside Upper EC (202-208) $140 Value Adult V (201-203 & 207-209) $100 Value Youth V (201-203 & 207-209) $50 ZonaZoo (1-9) N/A For further information, check out arizonawildcats.com/fb FOOTBALL MAP & PRICING 8 ARIZONA ATHLETICS 2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 9 SANDS CLUB SKYBOX LOGE DUNLAP CLUB • Seating Options: Club Boxes 4; Premium Club Seats 2; Club Seats • Flat Screens in each box, or per premium seat pair, with national sports coverage • Comfortable padded seats for all three Sands Club areas • Skybox Suites accommodate seating capacity of 18 • Skybox Club Seats include padded seating with table-tops • Extended glass protected viewership • Covered, outside premium seating • Oversized chairback seating • Televised instant replays and closedcircuit coverage • Unlimited soft drinks, popcorn • Exclusive indoor/outdoor lounge area with seating • Televised instant replays and closed-circuit coverage • Access to Dunlap based on Wildcat Club benefit level. Not available for purchase.

MEN'S BASKETBALL MAP & PRICING SCORER’S TABLE PRESS ROW ARIZONA BENCH VISITOR’S BENCH LOGE 101A N126 N125 N124 E 23 S 23 B 1 B 5 S 22 S 21 S 20 D 19 D 18 B17 B 13 S 22 S 21 S 21 S 20 S 20 S 22 S23 B19 B 24 W 24 W 6 W 23 W 22 W 18 W 19 B 6 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D11 D12 B 12 B 7 B 8 B 10 B 11 B 9 B18 E 19 E 18 E 12 E 11 E 10 E 9 E 8 E 7 E 6 D 17 D 13 C 16 C 15 C 14 I 24 MEDIA N123 N119 N 118 N 117 N 116 N 114 N 112 N 111 N 110 N 108 N 107 N 106 N 105 N 104 N 103 N 102 A 17 A 13 A 1 A 5 N 109 N 113 S122 S121 N120 101B UPPER F UPPER F MIDDLE A 16 A 15 A 14 LOGE A 2 A 3 A 4 A 16 A 15 A 14 FLOOR A 2 A 3 A 4 FLOOR D 1 D 5 C 2 C 3 C 4 MIDDLE 101C 115C 115B 115A A-Area through F-Area and Inclusive seating requires a capital campaign contribution that is not tax-deductible. Please reach out to the Wildcat Club with any questions. PREMIUM SPACES AND SEATING The McKale Center is the home of Arizona’s Men’s and Women’s basketball teams. With a rich history and tradition of excellence in college basketball, the facility provides the best environment for the most passionate of fans and alumni who support the Wildcats. Provided are some of the incredibly designed and exclusive premium areas that offer an even more elevated experience for fans through the following amenities. KALIL COURTSIDE LOUNGE WILBUR’S LOUNGE SCHOLARSHIP ROW SEATING SECTION 24 INCLUSIVE TICKET • Access available to Scholarship Row seat holders & “Golden” and above level accounts • Exclusive premium menu options available for food and beverage • Located on the McKale floor level • Access available to Section 24 seat holders & “Golden” and above level accounts • Exclusive premium menu options available for food and beverage. • Located in the Jim Click Hall of Champions • Access to Kalil Courtside Lounge • In-seat concession services • Exclusive courtside sideline or baseline seating • Access to Wilbur’s Lounge • Receive 4 vouchers to be redeemed for a food/beverage item per game • Mid-level seating PRICE LEVEL FULL PRICE A Area $3,050 B Area $1,995 C Area $1,550 D Area $1,150 PRICE LEVEL FULL PRICE E Area $975 F Area $710 N Upper $565 Inclusive Ticket $2,160 PRICE LEVEL FULL PRICE Scholarship Row $5,555 - $16,645 ZonaZoo N/A 10 ARIZONA ATHLETICS For further information, check out arizonawildcats.com/mbk 2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 11

PRICE LEVEL FULL PRICE Scholarship Row $550 - $1,650 A Area $225 B Area $165 EC Area $125 Student N/A SCHOLARSHIP ROW SEATING • Exclusive courtside seating • Sideline and baseline options • In-seat concessions service SCORER’S TABLE PRESS ROW ARIZONA BENCH VISITOR’S BENCH 101 126 125 124 23 23 B 1 B 5 22 21 20 19 18 17 13 22 21 21 20 20 22 23 B19 B 24 W 24 W 6 W 23 W 22 W 18 W 19 B 6 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D11 12 B 12 B 7 B 8 B 10 B 11 B 9 B18 19 18 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 17 13 16 15 14 24 MEDIA 123 119 118 117 116 114 112 111 110 108 107 106 105 104 103 102 17 1 3 1 5 109 113 122 121 120 101 UPPER F UPPER F 16 15 14 2 3 4 16 15 14 2 3 4 1 5 2 3 4 MIDDLE MIDDLE 101 115 115 115 2024 GYMNASTICS General Admission Adult $35 2024 SOCCER General Admission Adult $46 2024 VOLLEYBALL Reserved Adult $62 General Admission Adult $57 2024 BASEBALL Reserved Adult $230 General Admission Adult $145 2024 SOFTBALL Club Seating $865 Homeplate Adult $360 Baseline Adult $210 GA Outfield Adult $90 1 2 3 4 4 3 5 5 6 7 VISITOR ARIZONA CLUB CANDREA’S CORNER GENERAL ADMISSION McKale Center is one of the best home environments in the country and is cherished by fans, alumni, student-athletes and coaches alike. The Wildcats recently broke the Women's Basketball school record for season ticket holders, creating one of the toughest playing environments in the nation. Our premium scholarship row seating allows fans a unique experience to watch the Wildcats up close and enjoy an exclusive gameday environment. Discounted tickets are available for Military, Youth (Ages 3-12) and Seniors (Ages 55+). Check out arizonawildcats.com/tickets for further details. We offer a Fast Pass for Track & Field which gives you access to all home Arizona Athletics Track & Field meets. Prices start at $25. Fast Pass does not accrue Priority Points. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL MAP & PRICING OTHER ARIZONA SEASON TICKET PRICING 12 ARIZONA ATHLETICS 2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 13 For further information, check out arizonawildcats.com/wbk

WRRC PTS ECE Speech Drama Kuiper Student Recreation Center Mirror Lab Ko er Lowell-Stevens Sonora Coronado Hall PAS Yuma Haury Student Rec Expansion Police Chavez Mohave Manzanita Hopi llahsraM Bookstore Engineering Az. St. Museum North Saguaro Anim. & Comp. Biomedical Sci. VDP South Navajo Pinal Je erson Bartlett LSB Schaefer Creative Photography Life Sciences South Mines & Metallurgy Flandrau Math Lab Old Main ENRB Az. Hall Student Union Memorial Center Gittings Admin Services University CESL Maricopa Gila Harshbarger Sonett Steward Observatory Modern Languages Psycho lo g y Pacheco ILC Colonia de La Paz Apache Santa Cruz Likins Hall El Portal CHRP South Cochise Yavapai Social Sciences Marvel Shantz Nugent Chemical Sciences Chemistry Herring Marley Forbes Bear Down .gnEliviC itor nter Az. St. Museum South Douglass Bio Sciences West McClelland Park UA Global Huachuca Kaibab Árbol de la Vida Math Highland Commons Villa del Puente Posada San Pedro Education Main Lib Bear Down Field rary Greenlee Roby Gym Hillenbrand Beal Pima MLK ENR2 Centennial Hall Lapan Fox Music La Aldea Studies Women's Bio Sciences East Science Eng. Library Graham Pueblo de la Ciénega Tree Ring Archives Bannister Gould-Simpson Eller Theater Harvill Meinel Lynch Pavilion Clements Davis Indoor Sports Center Hillenbrand Bartlett Academic Success Center Udall Center Honors West eunevAyrrehC daoRevilO Santa Rita Avenue James E Rogers Way 106 Main Gate Garage Euclid Avenue Tyndall Avenue Sixth Street Garage Tyndall Avenue Garage McKale Memorial Center Second Street Garage 0 80 160 320 FEET N Warren Avenue National Championship Drive eunevAnitraM 7th Street 4th Street Lowell Street 6th Street Univeristy Blvd Mountain Aven 1st Street Palm Drive South Campus Drive Arid Lands Marshall Lot Campbell Avenue PARKING • All parking assignments are based on availability, annual benefits level, number of season tickets and priority points. • For Football and Men’s and Women's Basketball, second complimentary permits for Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum and Golden Wildcat Club members are based on having 6 or more season tickets per sport. • For Football and Men’s Basketball, any permit purchased above the complimentary permits provided by the Wildcat Club will be placed in the Cherry Avenue Garage or South Stadium Garage, dependent on availability and benefit level. Limit of 10 paid passes per account. • Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum members will have access to reserved parking for all Football and Men’s Basketball games. • Complimentary parking will be provided to all Ruby & Sapphire, Diamond, Platinum and Golden Wildcat Club members that have Baseball and/or Softball season tickets. • ADA accessible parking is assigned based on annual benefit level, Priority Points, the number of accessible spaces available in each lot and in compliance with the University of Arizona Disability Resource Center. For detailed information on accessible parking locations available for each sport please see individual parking maps at wildcatclub.org. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL & MEN'S BASKETBALL FOOTBALL, MEN'S & WOMEN'S BASKETBALL LAWN PARKING (FOOTBALL TAILGATE) WEST STADIUM EAST STADIUM ENKE DRIVE MCKALE LAWN EAST CAMPBELL NATL CHAMP DRIVE CENTER MALL EAST MCKALE SOUTH 6th LOTS SOUTH 7th LOTS NORTH 2nd LOTS CAG SSG 6thG ARIZONA ATHLETICS PARKING MAP CAG = Cherry Avenue Garage SSG = South Stadium Garage MEN'S BASKETBALL 2024-2025 Benefit Level Parking Area Comp. 2nd Permit (6+ Tickets) Ruby & Sapphire Reserved Enke Drive Reserved E. Stadium Diamond Reserved Enke Drive or Reserved East McKale East Stadium GA Platinum Reserved East McKale or Reserved East Stadium McKale Lawn Golden East Stadium, McKale Lawn, Center Mall South 6th Lots Silver Center Mall, CAG, SSG, South 6th St Lots, East Campbell Purchase Required Button Salmon Center Mall, East Campbell, South 6th St Lots, CAG, SSG Purchase Required Directors South 6th St Lots, East Campbell, North 2nd Lots, CAG, SSG Purchase Required Coaches Purchase Required - CAG (ADA), SSG Purchase Required Bear Down Purchase Required - CAG (ADA), SSG Purchase Required Red & Blue Purchase Required - CAG (ADA), SSG Purchase Required WOMEN'S BASKETBALL 2024-2025 Benefit Level Parking Area Comp. 2nd Permit (6+ Tickets) Ruby & Sapphire Reserved Enke Drive East McKale Diamond Enke Drive East Stadium Platinum East McKale McKale Lawn Golden East McKale, East Stadium or McKale Lawn SSG Silver East Stadium or McKale Lawn Purchase Required Button Salmon McKale Lawn or Center Mall Purchase Required Directors CAG, SSG Purchase Required Coaches CAG, SSG Purchase Required Bear Down Purchase Required - CAG (ADA), SSG Purchase Required Red & Blue Purchase Required - CAG (ADA), SSG Purchase Required FOOTBALL 2024 Benefit Level Parking Area Comp. 2nd Permit (6+ Tickets) Ruby & Sapphire Reserved West Stadium or East Stadium Reserved E. Stadium Diamond Reserved West Stadium or East Stadium Nat'l Champ Drive Platinum Reserved West Stadium or East Stadium SSG Golden Enke Drive, East McKale, South 6th Lots, CAG, SSG CAG Silver East McKale, South 6th St Lots, CAG, SSG Purchase Required Button Salmon South 6th St Lots, East Campbell, CAG, SSG Purchase required Directors East Campbell, South 7th Lots, North 2nd Lots, CAG, SSG Purchase Required Coaches South 7th Lots, North 2nd Lots, CAG, SSG Purchase Required Bear Down Purchase Required - CAG (ADA), SSG, 6th St Garage Purchase Required Red & Blue Purchase Required - CAG (ADA), SSG, 6th St Garage Purchase Required PARKING INFO 14 ARIZONA ATHLETICS 2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 15 For further information, check out wildcatclub.org

CURRENT PRIORITY POINT RANKINGS The University of Arizona and individuals affiliated with the department, including members, are governed by the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Big-12 conference. Ensuring compliance with NCAA and Big-12 rules is a top priority for this institution. Compliance should be everyone’s responsibility, especially for our members. Rule violations involving members may adversely impact the eligibility of current student-athletes as well as prospective student-athletes (recruits). Additionally, violations involving members may prevent any future association with the University of Arizona. Your participation and acceptance of benefits and privileges available from the Arizona Athletic Department is your acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the NCAA, Big-12 and the Arizona Athletic Department. The University of Arizona Compliance Office serves as a resource for everyone affiliated with the Arizona Athletic Department. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Compliance Office at (520) 621-8746 or compliance@arizona.edu. COMPLIANCE STATEMENT MEET THE TEAM WHAT IS THE PRIORITY POINT SYSTEM USED FOR? Please note priority points are non-transferable. • Season ticket upgrades for current members during the renewal process in Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Softball and Baseball (upon availability). • Annual season parking assignments for Football and Men’s and Women’s Basketball season ticket holders that qualify based on benefit level and points. • All post-season ticket assignments including quantity and location (must be current Wildcat Club member or current season ticket holder in corresponding sport). All allocations are determined by priority points. • Single-game tickets for away Football and Men's Basketball games (must be current Wildcat Club member or current season ticket holder in corresponding sport). 1,000+ priority points are required to submit away game requests for Men’s Basketball. POINTS MEMBER RANK 32,000 25 10,100 100 4,900 250 2,525 500 1,320 1,000 517 2,500 220 5,000 126 7,500 84 10,000 WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE • CREDIT CARD, CHECK OR CASH • DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS • COMMUNITY & FAMILY FOUNDATIONS • IRA DISTRIBUTIONS • PLANNED GIFTS • MATCHING GIFTS • STOCK GIFTS • REAL PROPERTY & SECURITIES Call (520) 621-2582 for questions For further information, check out wildcatclub.org DEVELOPMENT • Erika Barnes Executive Sr Assoc Director of Athletics, SWA • Scott Shake Sr Assoc AD, Principal Gifts & Capital Campaigns • Joe McLean Sr Assoc AD, Revenue Generation • James Francis Sr Assoc AD, Development • Phil Maben Assoc AD, Development • Judi Kessler Assoc AD, Major Gifts • Ryan Hastings Assist AD, Development • Reggie Geary Sr Director, Development • Alexis Butler Director, Development • Victor Iniquez Director, Development • Nick Byrne Assoc Director, Development • Josh Kreibich Assist Director, Development Operations and Benefits Fulfillment • Trevor Wilkey Assist Director, Annual Giving and Development Operations • Neve David Coordinator, Annual Giving • Thomas Orradre Coordinator, Major Gift Support Services • Gina Perri Manager, Accounts Payable/Receivable Ops • Rosie Fernety Executive Assistant COMMUNITY RELATIONS • Roberta Stout Assoc AD, Community, Alumni Relations, and Heritage • Tara Bruce Assist AD, Engagement and A-Club • Vanessa Romeo Assist Director, Spirit and Engagement • Rachael Hambacher Sr Coordinator, Program and Events • Ceileigh Trevers Sr Coordinator, A-Club and Regional Development • Crystal Mejia Coordinator, Engagement Experience wildcatclub.org/about-us/staff.html PRIORITY POINT SYSTEM ANNUAL POINTS • 2 POINTS for every year as a season ticket holder (Football beginning in 1946, Men's Basketball beginning in 1972, Women's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer and Gymnastics). • 2 POINTS for every year of philanthropic giving. • 1 POINT for every year of season ticket purchase. CASH CONTRIBUTIONS • 2 POINTS for every $100 of charitable gifts since 1985, includes capital campaign contributions. • 1 POINT for every $100 spent on season ticket purchases. • ¼ POINT for every $100 given for a corporate sponsorship package. CALCULATING POINTS 16 ARIZONA ATHLETICS 2024-2025 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE 17 BENEFIT LEVEL CALCULATION Benefit levels are calculated annually by combining the total amount contributed on season tickets and all donations. Example: Men’s Basketball - Two Season Tickets (C Area): $3,100 Men’s Basketball – Capital Campaign Contribution: $5,000 Football – Two Season Tickets (West B Area): $1,590 Wildcat Scholarship Fund Donation: $2,810 Total Contribution: $12,500 Benefit level: Golden

(520)-621-CLUB | wildcatclub@arizona.edu | wildcatclub.org | arizonawildcats.com 1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DRIVE P.O. BOX 210096, #246 TUCSON, AZ 85721